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Your next great read

Discover your next great read here. Each month there will be little snippets of new things to inspire and encourage you.

The plight of the honey bee

Bees are amazing little creatures! Did you know that bees pollinate 70 types of crop, produce 6000 tonnes of honey and it's estimated that one third of food is pollination dependant . So a world without bees is a scary thought. According to the British Bee Keepers Association, bees bring £400 million to the economy every year but poor weather, diseases and a lack of pollinating flowers, are making life very tough for the little honey bees.

A recent snippet on social media caught my attention. If you see a bee lying on the ground or grass, between the months of July and August, it is likely to be starving to death. There is not enough nectar around during those months to give bees energy. Make up 2 parts sugar to 1 part water, and offer to the bee on a teaspoon and you will apparently see a little black tongue start to lap the liquid up. Within half an hour, the bee will be revitalised and happily fly away to work for another day. How lovely is that? You can find out more about the humble little honey bee here.

a world without bees the bees The bees carol ann duffy

And here are some books to attract you, just like bees to honey... see what we did there?!

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