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ALL Access Card - East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure Trust

ALL Access Card

You can access our sports centres, use our libraries and enjoy discounts on theatre tickets with just one card.

ALL Access Sign up and start saving today!

Joining the ALL Access scheme is free and membership offers a huge range of discounts and benefits.

Some example adult discounts

  • Swimming - save 60p per visit
  • Health suites - save 1.05p per visit
  • Badminton - save £1.35 per court
  • Arts events - save £1 off each ticket on selected events

Online benefits

By providing your email address when you sign up for your ALL Access card you can opt-in to receive special offers, discounts, advance notice of events / shows and regular news updates via email.

The ALL Access card also allows you to book sports facilities such as a squash or badminton court up to 7 days in advance. It can also be used to borrow books in your local library or to reserve an internet session on the public access PCs.

Optional extras for your ALL Access

To get even more out of your card you can opt to pay a monthly fee to unlock one of three additional packages. Payments are made by direct debit and you can still enjoy all the other great benefits of the ALL Access card.

Package A - Platinum
For only £39.95 per month you can add a Platinum membership which offers unlimited* access to a range of sports centre facilities including gyms, swimming pools, health suites, fitness classes and jogging networks.

Package B - Gold
For only £32.00 per month you can add a Gold membership which offers unlimited* access to gyms and fitness classes.

Package C - Swim Zone
For only £12.90 per calendar month you can add Swim Zone which offers unlimited* swimming at any of our four pools.

Package D - Swimming and Health Suite
For only £24.50 per calendar month you can add Swimming and Health Suite which offers unlimited* swimming at any of our four pools and use of the health suite in Barrhead Foundry or Eastwood Park.

*subject to timetable


The ALL Access card offers an even better deal for those eligible for a concession. Whether you are disabled, a full time student, in receipt of council tax or housing benefit with the ALL Access card you will be eligible for further cost reductions.

How do I get an ALL Access card?

To get an ALL Access card all you have to do is visit one of East Renfrewshire's four Sport and Leisure Centres, ten libraries or Eastwood Park Theatre and fill in an application form. You will be asked to provide one piece of identification, which can be a passport, a driving licence, a utility bill or a bank statement with your full postal address.

If you qualify for concession status, you will also need to provide proof of eligibility such as National Entitlement Card, matriculation card, housing benefit or council tax benefit.

When your enrolment is complete, you'll be issued with your card. To take full advantage of your ALL Access membership and to qualify for discounts and special offers, register your details at your local sports centre, library and at Eastwood Park Theatre.

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