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Fitness Classes - Conditioning

A workout that improves your fitness and tones your body

fitness - conditioning

If you come along to any conditioning session, you'll get a workout that can improve your overall fitness. Conditioning classes are perfect if you're training hard for your own particular sport or ideal if you simply want to get in great shape and feel better about your body. It's sure to be an intense workout that requires a reasonable amount of motivation, but all sessions are adapted to suit different fitness levels.

WHAT is available?

You can currently choose from 4 different styles of conditioning sessions, which each offer a slightly different emphasis:


As you'd expect, regularly attending any conditioning classes can deliver benefits from head to toe. You'll be better toned and physically fitter and you'll probably feel just as good as you look too! A complete transformation in a matter of weeks can't be guaranteed, but with a certain amount of effort and dedication you could certainly be on the way towards a better body than you've ever had before!

Unlimited access to fitness classes is available through our gym membership.

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