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The future of leisure in Eastwood - Trust

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The future of leisure in Eastwood

The future of leisure in Eastwood

In response to the public consultation on the future of culture and leisure in Eastwood Park, Anthony McReavy, our Chief Executive, said:

"We need to have culture and leisure facilities that meet the needs of our community for the future. Our facilities must reflect the increasing demand for health and fitness, including a larger gym and space to offer fitness and spin classes and sports activities. We also need a theatre, outdoor sports facilities, arts and community spaces and cafe.

"Therefore, we strongly support Option 4 - a new state-of-the-art culture and leisure facility on a different site within the Eastwood area. This is the only option which would allow us to gain a specifically designed culture and leisure centre which can provide all these required facilities.

"Our preferred option would also avoid any disruption for our customers. Any other choice would require the current facility be closed for significant periods for maintenance or refurbishment and involve significant constraints at Eastwood Park.

"All our neighbouring local authorities have had new facilities in recent years; I believe the people of Eastwood deserve a new culture and leisure centre.

"I would like to encourage residents and our valued customers to take part in the survey and 'have your say'."

East Renfrewshire Council's 'Leisure in Eastwood: Looking to the future' is available:

The Council is considering four potential options:

Option 1 - continuing to run the existing centre on a maintenance basis only, until its eventual failure

Option 2 - refurbishment of current centre

Option 3 - redevelopment of the existing site with an extension

Option 4 - a new state-of-the-art culture and leisure facility on a different site within Eastwood area

East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure Trust established in 2015, bringing together our sports and leisure facilities, libraries, arts and community facilities, including the current centre at Eastwood Park.

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