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Pupils take lead to help promote physical activity at Williamwood High School - Trust

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Pupils take lead to help promote physical activity at Williamwood High School

Williamwood - Girls Senior pupils at Williamwood High School have been working hard during the first term of the new academic year to ensure their fellow pupils have access to high quality physical activity.

Working in partnership with Active Schools, a select group of senior pupils have been meeting regularly to discuss the school's extra-curricular programme.

Led by the school's two Young Ambassadors*, the group oversee various lunchtime clubs and provide access to key areas such as the fitness suite and football pitch.

Also responsible for recording participation levels across each of the school's extra-curricular clubs, the group ensure the clubs on offer are popular and meet the needs of the student body.

Any gaps in provision are identified and alterations made to the extra-curricular programme.

As a result of the new leadership programme, participation in extra-curricular clubs across the school has risen by 12.5 percent in comparison to the same period last year.

For more information contact Chris Cox (Active Schools Co-ordinator - Williamwood Cluster) via or 07800 629701.

"It's brilliant to see the pupils taking ownership and playing a huge role in the school's extra-curricular programme. There are no better advocates of physical activity than the pupils themselves. The school staff have been incredibly supportive and provided the pupils with a great opportunity." - Chris Cox, Active Schools Co-ordinator (Williamwood Cluster).

* The Young Ambassadors programme is funded by the National Lottery and is a key element of sportscotland's contribution to developing young people as leaders in sport.

A Young Ambassador has two key roles:

- To promote sport, and motivate and inspire other young people to get involved in sport in a wide range of settings within their local communities, including schools, clubs and community organisations

- To influence six key aspects of school sport:

  • extra-curricular sport provision
  • links to community sport opportunities
  • opportunities for competition
  • celebration of pupil achievements in sport
  • leadership opportunities for young people
  • PE in schools

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