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Children Swimming Lessons

Encouraging your child to learn to swim is one of the most important opportunities you can give them. If you get children interested in swimming when they're young there's a good chance they'll enjoy the water for the rest of their life.

Since September 2019, we have entered a partnership with Scottish Swimming and have adopted the Scottish National Swimming Framework. If your child was in lessons prior to this, please click here  for information on the new swimming levels.

The Scottish Swimming National Framework provides a clear set of tried and tested techniques and skills combined with up to date teaching methods, all of which will ensure your child's swimming ability is improved. Enrol your child in swimming lessons today and you'll also have peace of mind that they're safer when they're near water.

Find all the relevant swimming lesson information for your child below, and click here to apply for swimming lessons.

Swimming Girls


AimTo become water confident and develop core aquatic skills (without adult assistance but with buoyancy aids as required.
ObjectivesIntroduce complete non-swimmers to the aquatic environment and establish an understanding of safety in and around water
 Develop and progress water confidence
 Establish an understanding of basic core aquatic skills
 Encourage independent movement
 Develop skills through enjoyment, fun and self-discovery
Swim Skills 1
AimTo further develop water confidence and develop core aquatic skills without aids.   
ObjectivesDevelop confidence and ability to perform a wide range of core aquatic skills without buoyancy aids                                        
 Develop basic technique of the 4 strokes
 Introduce the basic technique of sculling
 Develop balance of buoyancy through a variety of activities
Swim Skills 2
AimTo increase the competency of the core aquatic skills and develop basic stroke technique                                                        
ObjectivesIntroduce and progress new core aquatic skills
 Develop stroke technique to include all 4 strokes
 Introduction to diving (pool permitting)
 Develop awareness and feel for the water through a variety of core aquatic
Swim Skills 3
AimIntroduce more advanced stroke technique and achieve Triple S standard                                                                                
ObjectivesFurther develop competency in all 4 strokes
 Development of Diving
 Achieve the Triple S Award / Scotland Safer Swimmer Award
 Further develop Butterfly and Breaststroke aiming to achieve legal technique
Swim Skills 4
AimTo improve the quality of stroke technique, introduce multi-aquatic skills/disciplines and basic lifesaving skills                        
ObjectivesTo demonstrate competent technique in all 4 strokes
 Introduce lifesaving skills and basic aquatic discipline skills
 To provide basic skills to enable progressions in to all aquatic disciplines including life saving

Junior Swimfit AGES 8 TO 12 YEARS

This class is a pay as you go for children aged 8 years plus who can competently swim 400 metres without stopping. This is the next level transitioning on from Swim Skills 4. These classes further enhance strength/stamina, stroke technique, turns, breathing and streamlining, concentrating on all aspects associated with club training. This will help to develop their personal fitness and stamina. These classes will be in deep water.

Swimming Lessons Disability Swimming Lessons AGES 5 TO 17 YEARS

Lessons are structured around children with either a physical or learning disability or sensory impairment, encouraging them to move and swim through the water with the assistance of a qualified teacher.

These 30 minute lessons are based on individual children working to their own abilities, in groups of 4 to 6, with 2 teachers and are based around the children having fun whilst learning to swim at the same time.

These lessons run on a 10 week payment plan and countdown reminders for automatic renewals are sent out to customers to remind them to renew. Direct Debit is now a payment option and this is an easier, cheaper and hassle free method to pay for your lessons.

Individual Swimming Lessons AGES 3 TO 60+ YEARS

Individual lessons can be on a 1 to 1 or a 1 to 2 basis. For individual tuition to teach or improve your swimming technique, we offer half hour lessons for 3 years and above (no age limit) including adults. These lessons will develop skills and confidence and focus on specific areas for improvement.

Swimming Lessons 2



To apply for swimming lessons, click here.

If you have been coming to swimming lessons with us since before September 2019, your level will have changed. Please click here to find out what your new swimming level is.

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