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Health & Wellbeing


The NHS have a variety of videos and resources that you may find useful: 



Strength and Balance Exercises have been added to YouTube. These are suitable for people who would benefit from improving their strength, balance and co-ordination:

Care about Walking resources were initially designed for use in care homes but could be adapted for individual use at home! Participants can record the steps they take around the house to help keep them moving

Pedometers are still relevant in the home and can be used. They can help to motivate and be accurate about the number of steps we have done. Therefore we can celebrate success and feel encouraged to carry on. Many people will have pedometers/fit bits/phones.  These devices are able to count steps or download apps that can count steps. You can download a pack for free



Keeping active for older people -  Later Life Training 'moving more often' have posted 4 new videos x 10 minutes to encourage Older Adults to try short bursts of chair based exercises.


Age Scotland

Ideas for moving more and being more active within the house.


British Heart Foundation 

Range of resources and video links:

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