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Creative Learning

Creative Arts learning & engagement opportunities

Education Scotland's 3-18 Curriculum Impact Report on creativity across learning, defines creativity as follows:

Creativity is a process which generates ideas that have value to the individual. It involves looking at familiar things with a fresh eye, examining problems with an open mind, making connections, learning from mistakes and using imagination to explore new possibilities.

Creativity has a high profile in Scottish education at present and there is a realisation that people learn more while using creative thinking or engaging in creative activities. Crucially, creativity can be the hook which engages learners, influencing their attainment and achievement. In addition, as they are core to employability, creativity skills can help learners not only prepare for the world of work but also to shape their own job opportunities.

Girl in art workshop

While this focuses on young people and education we believe that you can learn throughout your lives and therefore provide educational opportunities through creativity for all ages. Why not look out for our practical art and craft classes and demonstrations, heritage resources or get involved in a Creative Learning Network event?

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