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Barrhead Foundry Fitness Class Timetable - Trust

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Barrhead Foundry Fitness Class Timetable

 Please see below our full list of available fitness classes at Barrhead Foundry.

Barrhead Foundry - Fitness Class Timetable

Monday6.30amBody Balance45 mins
Monday7amCircuits - gym functional area30 mins
Monday8amCircuits - gym functional area30 mins
Monday9.30amBody Pump1 hr
Monday10.30amAqua Zumba45 mins
Monday11amKeep Fit1 hr
Monday12.15pmYoga45 mins
Monday1.30pmLine Dancing (intermediate)90 mins
Monday4.45pmCircuits30 mins
Monday5.15pmBody Pump30 mins
Monday6pmSpin45 mins
Monday6pmBody Attack1 hr
Monday7pmLegs, Tums and Bums1 hour
Monday8pmBody Balance1 hr
Tuesday7.15amCircuits - gym functional area30 mins
Tuesday9.30amLegs, Bums & Tums1 hr
Tuesday10.30amBody Balance1 hr
Tuesday11.30amYoga1 hr
Tuesday12.15pmSpin30 mins
Tuesday12.45pm Yoga Exercise for 260 mins 
Tuesday5.30pmCircuits30 mins
Tuesday6pmBody Attack1 hr
Tuesday6.45pmSpin45 mins
Tuesday7pmBody Pump1 hr
Wednesday7amCircuits - gym functional area30 mins
Wednesday8amCircuits - gym functional area30 mins
Wednesday9.30amBody Attack1 hr
Wednesday9.30amSpin45 mins
Wednesday10.30amLine Dancing (intermediate)1 hr
Wednesday11.30amLine Dancing (intermediate)1 hr
Wednesday12.30pmBody Pump30 mins
Wednesday1pmMetafit30 mins
Wednesday1.30pmAqua Aerobics45 mins
Wednesday6pmSpin45 mins
Wednesday6pmBody Pump1 hr
Wednesday8pmCircuits1 hr
Thursday 6.30amBody Pump45 mins
Thursday7.15amCircuits - gym functional area30 mins
Thursday9.30amYoga1 hr
Thursday 12.15pm Body Pump Exercise for 2 30 mins 
Thursday1.15pmSpin30 mins
Thursday5.15pmBody Attack45 mins
Thursday6.15pmLegs, Bums & Tums45 mins
Thursday6.30pmSpin45 mins
Thursday8pmBody Balance1 hr
Friday6.15amMetafit30 mins
Friday7amSpin30 mins
Friday8amCircuits - gym functional area30 mins
Friday9.30amBody Pump1 hr
Friday9.30amSpin45 mins
Friday10.30amCircuits30 mins
Friday11amBody Balance1 hr
Friday11amAqua Zumba45 mins
Friday12.15pmBody Pump30 mins
Friday5pmYoga1 hr
Friday6.15pmBody Pump1 hr
Saturday9.15amSpin45 mins
Saturday9.30amBody Pump1 hr
Saturday10.30amBody Attack1 hr
Saturday11.30pmBody Balance1 hr
Sunday11amBody Attack1 hr
Sunday12.15pmSpin45 mins
Sunday12 noonBody Balance1 hr


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