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Recreational Gymnastics Levels - Trust

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COVID-19 update: Our venues and services are closed until further notice. Our online fitness classes continue on our Facebook page.

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Recreational Gymnastics Levels

A guide to our programme and progression

Wondering where to begin?  Here is a guide to the various levels we offer.  Each gymnast joining the programme is assessed by our coaching team on their first two weeks to ensure they are working at the right level to help them progress.  Our classes are based on ability and moving up through our levels requires children to improve and develop their skills. 


A broad-based introduction to gymnastics elements and apparatus designed to give everyone a fun, engaging start in the sport and establish successful foundations for developing skills.  Participants will learn essential floor skills, vaulting fundamentals and basic beam & bar progressions while building fitness, flexibility and strength working in a structured learning environment.

MOVING UPFeature Shot - Straddle Sit

The following must be demonstrated competently before a child can progress onto the next level:

  • Forward Roll to Stand
  • Cartwheel
  • Kick to Handstand Position
  • Headstand & Handstand Hold with Support
  • Bridge
  • Squat On to Vault, Straight Jump to Land
  • Tuck, Star & 1/2 Turn Jumps to Land on Floor



These classes progress and improve basic skills further, introducing new moves and developing physical capabilities for more complex elements. Gymnasts will begin to link skills, work on rebound for tumble, take on more advanced vaults and begin to add skills onto apparatus.


The following must be demonstrated competently before a child can progress onto the next level:

  • Backward Roll to StandAction Shot - Rolls in Lines
  • Connected Cartwheels
  • Round Off
  • Handstand Forward Roll
  • Straight Headstand
  • Bridge with Straight Leg Lifted
  • Arabesque
  • Splits
  • Full Turn Jump
  • Handstand Flat Back Vault onto Crash Mats



Gymnastics Using all the preparation and understanding built up from previous levels, Advanced classes are designed to provide the chance to develop complex tumble skills, put together sequences and routines and take on even more challenging apparatus elements.  A range of strengths and abilities are catered to, offering progression to all types of gymnasts.

Action Shot - Mid Back Flip

Our coaches assess each gymnast at every session to monitor their progress and movements will be offered when the required ability has been demonstrated in classes

How can I get a place?

All available class places are advertised  - check if we have a place for your child now.

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