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Virtual Reality


Ever wondered what Virtual Reality's like?  Virtual Reality
Come and try the latest VR technology, for free, at your local library - immerse yourself in stunning 360-degree landscapes and discover new dimensions!

With our Oculus Quest headsets, you can:

  • soar to the stars on a spacewalk
  • visit the Big Apple in a New York minute
  • see Notre-Dame before its devastating fire damage
  • view the history of flight, from the Wright Brothers to an F22 jet
  • be moved by Mozart's Gloria, with the orchestra in the Cath├ędrale de Saint-Omer
  • dive with dolphins
  • or even go to Iceland!

For ages 13* to 113!

   I've never seen anything like it!Adult Learner

Next VR experienceS:

VR is coming to your library soon - visit the What's On page for dates and venues.

Each VR experience lasts approximately 5-10 minutes. Actual content may vary on the day.

* due to headset manufacturer guidelines.

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