Andrea’s Creative Writing Piece

Extract from ‘Fused Juice’ by Andrea

“I looked in the fridge and put every green vegetable in the blender…”

I didn’t have much hunger but Melanie had told me to eat and she is a fiend for being healthy. I looked in the fridge and put every green vegetable in the blender including the broccoli. I had to dilute it with water to make it thin enough to drink but I drank it without giving it a second thought. I remember walking past the lilies my son Andrew had sent to the house as a new house present and wondering why they’d lost their odour. I lay down and slept again, waking to a clear recovery, still weak, still a little uncertain of myself but better able to inhale.

I’d got Covid19 in the early days. We didn’t know then about loss of smell as a symptom, that news came some weeks later. Nor did we know about the loss of taste. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried drinking liquidised raw broccoli but it is truly disgusting. I will never know if I’d have recovered if I’d not drunk the greenest smoothie there was, but that is my story and I’m sticking to it.


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Fused Juice – full text

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