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Boys Gymnastics Levels - Trust

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COVID-19 update: Our venues and services are closed until further notice. Our online fitness classes continue on our Facebook page.

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Boys Gymnastics Levels

A guide to our boys' programme and progression

Our Boys' gymnastics classes offer the same fundamentals as our recreational gymnastics classes but are tailored to progressing skills that are specific to men's gymnastics. 


Designed for all ages & abilities, this class offers boys the chance to build the fundamentals that they will need to progress and learn exciting skills as they develop.  Children will learn how to challenge themselves to increase their strength, flexibility and understanding of all key skills on floor & vault, as well as introducing elements on apparatus.  Key skills are:

  • Forward & Backward Rolls to StandOctober Camp 7
  • Cartwheels
  • Bridge
  • Straddle & Pike Folds
  • Front & Back Support
  • Headstand & Handstand
  • Tuck / Pike / Straddle Levers
  • Squat / Straddle On & Straight Jump Vaults



Building on the fundamentals developed in Beginners, this level aims to advance boys' strength and skills further by working on tumble & rebound elements for floor, as well as more advanced vaulting & apparatus work.  Key skills are:

  • Boys Gymnastics Handstand Forward Roll
  • Backward Roll to Handstand
  • Straddle Lift to Handstand
  • Splits
  • Perch holds
  • Twisting Jumps
  • Dive Rolls
  • Round Offs
  • Handsprings
  • Handspring Flat Back Vaulting

Boys' Classes
LevelDayDatesVenueTimeReferenceNo class on
BeginnerTuesdayTue 10 March - 9 JuneSt Clare's Primary5pm - 6pmGN34No Classes on 7 14 April 
Beginner/IntermediateTuesdayTue 10 March - 9 JuneSt Clare's Primary6pm - 7pmGN35No Classes on 7 14 April 
Intermediate TuesdayTue 10 March - 9 JuneSt Clare's Primary7pm-8pm GN36No Classes on 7 14 April 

How can I get a place?

All available class places are advertised here - check if we have a place for your child now.

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