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If you are living with a medical condition, or even if you’re not, but you would like to improve your fitness, Vitality is for you.

Vitality exercise classes have been specifically designed to be suitable for people living with medical conditions such as; Parkinson’s disease, MS, Stroke, Cardiac Conditions, Osteoporosis, Cognitive impairments and COPD.  They offer gentle exercise, with four different levels, depending on your ability.

All classes will improve strength, balance and overall fitness but most importantly they are fun and you’ll meet lots of people, just like you!  Assessment will be done by one of our highly skilled and qualified instructors to ensure the correct class is recommended.

Please call 0141 577 4957 (Eastwood area) or 0141 577 3989 (Barrhead area) for more information about which class suits you best.  Class descriptions, days and times are listed below.

Cost:  £3.50 per session

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Fat Burn

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Level 1 Chair Based

This class is designed for those who can walk slowly and may have limited standing balance and require mobility aids. It is also suitable for people with breathing difficulties.

The Strength and Balance Class is based around a chair so that participants can use the chair for support when doing the exercises. Alternatively, some exercises can be performed seated.

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Level 2 – Strength and Balance Circuit

This class is appropriate for those who are mobile (with or without a mobility aid) but may have difficulty with movement and daily activities. It is also suitable for people with breathing difficulties.

Being a circuit based class, the main part of the class involves moving around a room and doing an exercise for a short period of time before travelling a short distance to do another exercise. It is important that participants can move independently (with or without a mobility aid) to the next exercise station, however a chair can be utilised for support when doing the specific exercises.

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Level 3 – Step in Circuit

This class is suitable for participants with independent mobility (with or without a mobility aid) but may have some difficulty doing daily activities.

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Level 4 – Step Up Circuit

This class is designed for those who are mobile (without an aid) and have minimal difficulty doing daily activities.

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