Reflect with us: Songs


During the course of the project, the group worked with the tutors Rikki and Ian to create a range of musical pieces. They experimented with different sounds and used different instruments and technologies. You can listen to some of the songs here, illustrated by the album covers created by the group.



by John K.

John had already been working on this stunning song when he joined the group, but with support from the tutors and his fellow participants he refined and recorded it. John says, “the song was about how my mental health was effected in lockdown and the struggle to start my life when coming back out from it.” 

The Wanderer

by John T.

John came to the group as a keen writer and thought he would like to try writing song lyrics. Although he had never sung before, after some gentle persuasion, he took to the mike to record The Wanderer.

The Technophobe Tango

by Irene

Irene has had a long and distinguished musical career, but embraced the opportunity to work with digital sound artist, Rikki, and produced something quite outside her comfort zone!


by Margaret

Margaret was another participant who came to group as a keen writer but with no musical experience and was delighted to create this lovely song.

She has been Lonely

by Kirsty

Kirsty came to the group as an accomplished musician who could play a range of instruments. She worked on lots of songs and supported the other group members during the project.

The Joy of my Fanclub

By Amber

Amber is a talented young musician who, after initially feeling a bit hesitant, really found her feet in the group and produced this great track.

Happy Band
By the Reflect with Us song writing group

The project workshops were really enjoyable for everyone and became a safe, welcome space at a difficult time. This song celebrates the camaraderie and generosity of spirit of demonstrated by the participants throughout the project.

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