Seed Library Launches

22nd February 2023

Library staff had a lovely time putting together the start of the Seed Library. Part of our wishes for The Root Cause Project was to establish a Seed Library for East Renfrewshire.

We are collecting seeds, storing and giving out flower seeds to the local community for people to grow in their own spaces.

A Seed Library Production Line going on!

There’s a whole host of flowers that ‘self-seed’ at the end of flowering season that you can gather in before they disperse and, if stored properly, can be used to replant the following season to grow as new flowers. Some examples of flower seeds you can collect include: Poppies, Bluebells, Columbines, Cornflowers, Scabious, Verbena and wildflowers.

You can hand in suitable flower seeds to any East Renfrewshire library and we will add to the Seed Library, currently housed at Thornliebank Library. We will have a log book where we record some details about the seeds. Anyone can come along to the Seed Library to have a look at what is available and take some seeds away to grow in their own space. All we ask is that you return some seeds back to the Seed Library at the end of flowering to help keep the cycle going and the library thriving.

Next steps will be to gather in vegetable and fruit seeds! For more details about the Seed Library- contact

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