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Spin doctor Ashley wants to do herself out of a job - Trust

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Spin doctor Ashley wants to do herself out of a job

Hospital doctor Ashley Monaghan is encouraging people to take up a new spin class to get fit and healthy.

New Spin Studio at Barrhead Foundry Ashley, 25, is a junior doctor, but is also a qualified fitness instructor who will be taking some of the new spin classes just launched at the Barrhead Foundry's new £50,000 spin studio run by East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure.

And speaking about her role as a spin instructor she jokes: "I really do hope that one day I can put myself out a job as a doctor by getting lots of people fit and healthy so they don't become ill and need hospital treatment."

Ashley, from Barrhead, became a fitness instructor two years ago as part of her vocation to help people stay healthy.

She explains: "I became a doctor because I was interested in people's health and well-being and it's far better to intervene at an early stage to get people fit and healthy so they don't become ill.

"It's more important to prevent illness than to treat illness."

"Preventing illness starts with encouraging others to eat well and exercise often and I love how I can do that as a fitness instructor. It might seem a bit ironic that although I work in a hospital, I want to stop people having to to be treated by doctors like me and do myself out of a job! It would be great if we have less patients needing treatment in hospital because they are going to fitness classes like the spin sessions that have started at Barrhead Foundry."

Ashley will be putting fitness fans through their paces on new static bikes that have just been installed in the dedicated spin studio at Barrhead. Initially there will be six sessions a week, but as demand increases more classes will be introduced to the spin workout programme.

Ashley, who has worked in cardiology wards, is currently based at University Hospital Crosshouse, Kilmarnock and will be one of several fully-qualified instructors taking Barrhead Foundry Spin classes.

She continued: "Spin is a brilliant cardio workout, especially for people who can't do high impact classes."

"Spin improves your metabolic rate and makes you burn lots of calories. It's an exercise class that gets you fitter and stronger faster compared to many other forms of exercise."

"And because it incorporates high intensity interval training, you also continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours after your spin session has ended.

"Spin is a fully inclusive form of exercise and is good for people of all abilities and ages - I've even had a 91-year-old man attend one of my classes - who want to increase their fitness and health."

"And it's a simple but extremely effective workout especially suited for someone who is coming to a gym for the first time."

Mary Montague spin class Councillor Mary Montague, East Renfrewshire Council's Convener for Community Services and vice chair of the Trust said: "The Council is committed to providing the best possible culture and leisure facilities for our residents, so we were delighted to work with our colleagues at the Trust to create this exciting addition to Barrhead Foundry.

"It's a fantastic facility and I'm sure will become really popular with many of our residents who can go at their own pace as they spin themselves to fitness."

East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure chief executive, Anthony McReavy said: "The people of East Renfrewshire told us they wanted a new spin studio and classes at Barrhead Foundry and so we have worked with the Council to deliver that.

"With their funding and support we are looking to upgrade many of our facilities in this way.

"Our aim is to encourage people to exercise more and become fit and healthy and we want to give them the encouragement, facilities and opportunities to do just that. And with Ashley as one of our instructors you could say the new spin studio is just what the doctor ordered!"

Find out more about the new spin classes, which are free to East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure gym members, but also available to pay-on-the-day non-members.   starts from as little as £32 per month.

Photos: Dr Ashley Monaghan puts new spin class member, Jude Smith, through her paces. 
Councillor Mary Montague tries out one of the new spin bikes

Created Friday 3 February 2017

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