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Our Aqua Activities are a progression on from Swim Skills 4 and Club Ready for those who do not wish to join our local club, Ren 96, but wish to continue with their water skills. These coach led sessions follow structured lesson plans aimed at those who wish to feel part of a club but have fun at the same time.

Participants must be a minimum of 8 years old* or be able to swim 50m on front and 25m on back as these classes will be in deep water at all times. (Parents of 6 and 7 year olds must stay in the building during activity.)

Who Do I Contact?

Swimming Coordinators work within 4 Centres.  Each co-ordinator is responsible for their own swimming programme in their centre.

To find out more about swimming lessons in each of your venues, Barrhead Foundry, Eastwood High Sports Centre, Eastwood Park Leisure and Neilston Leisure Centre and what you can access, please get in touch with the relevant Swimming Coordinator.


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Junior Swimfit Ages 8-12 Years

This class is a pay as you go for children aged 8 years plus who can competently swim 400 metres without stopping. This is the next level transitioning on from Swim Skills 4 or Club Ready. These classes further enhance strength/stamina, stroke technique, turns, breathing and streamlining, concentrating on all aspects associated with club training. This will help to develop their personal fitness and stamina. These classes will be in deep water

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Aqua Zone Ages 8-15 Years

These classes encourage youngsters to participate in fun aquatic activities in the water such as diving, tumble turns or swimming with flippers. This is also one of the transitional feeder classes into Ren 96 Club.

Minimum of 8 years old or be able to swim 50m on front and 25m on back, these classes will be in deep water at all times, so come along and participate in these fun aquatic activities.

Please phone the swimming co-ordinator at your local sports centre.

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Little Lifesavers Ages 8 – 15 Years

These coach led sessions aim to introduce children to water safety when playing in and around the water. They will be fun, whilst working through personal survival skills and children will also have the opportunity to try out rescue techniques and towing others through the water. As we progress life saving CPR will be introduced. Children must be able to swim 50metres breast stroke and 50 metres back crawl. This class will be in deep water at all times.


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