Beyond 2020 – Our Online Exhibition

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Welcome to our Beyond 2020: Community Reflections Online Exhibition.

You can view our stories & listen to audio using the links below.

All views expressed in the interviews and creative writing are the participants’ own and not necessarily the views of East Renfrewshire Culture & Leisure

Pamela & Bobby’s Story

“I was taken to the hospital. I thought that I’d arrived at a spaceship.”

Erin’s Story

“… we could also just share in the absurdity of it all, which was ‘What has just happened?”

Gary’s Story

“It’s given me the opportunity to do a lot of… work that that I would never have really considered or thought of as being things I could do.”

Davey & Isobel’s Story

“Music is something in our blood. We play music all the time.”

Irene’s Story

“… when I came out, I thought the Burgh band would’ve been there, playing a tune for me. “

Emma’s Story

“They’re just all gone at once and I’m just this useless lady in my house, you know?”

Kenny’s Story

“…it was probably the most consistent, in terms of my exercising, I’ve ever been”

Elizabeth’s Story

“So, that to me made me feel better. The fact that… I was helping people and also the fact that they were saying to me, “Look can we help you?”

Elieen’s Story

“Being in the house with a disabled child that has no understanding of, ‘Why can’t we do this, why can’t we go out?’ was very, very hard”

Matt’s Story

“Wee things like that cheer me up when I go by and I look at the way it used to be…”

Louise’s Creative Writing Story

“Lock down. Stay put. But put on your lateral thinking!”

Priyanka’s Creative Writing Story

“Open spaces again became so important in our lives.”

Emma’s Creative Writing Story

“Use your resistance band to tie up the garden gate when the lock breaks after a storm.”

Andrea’s Creative Writing Story

“I looked in the fridge and put every green vegetable in the blender.”

Alison’s Creative Writing Story

“All they do is eat. All I do is feed. And clean.”

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